Thursday, March 01, 2018

HiStories across Time - Romania

“Memories of My Childhood”

          This is a auto-biographical novel by the Romanian author Ion Creangă. It depicts, in an original way, the adventures of a 19th century Romanian boy, who lives in the countryside with his family and childhood friends. All this are presented in a detailed and funny way, transporting the children in a colorful world.

“A Visit”

            A sketch by the Romanian author Ion Luca Caragiale, “A Visit”, tells the story of a visit paid to a middle-class family by a family friend. The main character of the story is Ionel ( Johnny), a spoilt kid who makes all kinds of jokes, some of which are rather impolite. This sketch is a funny, humorous story, largely enjoyed by children and adults alike.
”Robin Hood”
    A book for children of all ages, ”Robin Hood” tells the story of a famous outlaw who lived in England during the time of Kris Henry the Second, in Sherwood Forest, near Nottingham. Besides the adventures of Robin and his band of merry men, the book depicts life in the Middle Ages in a fascinating way, offering a comprehensive picture of that time.

“Iliad, Odyssey” for children
        The story here told has inspired people of all civilizations for nearly 3,000 years. No person should be allowed reach adulthood without having experienced some aspects of Greek classical civilization and these action-packed tales of heroism, humanity, weakness, tragedy and joy are a great starting-point. A sampling of the stories of the Iliad, Odyssey and of other Greek myths and heroes can be the start of a lifetime of fascination.

“Savage Stone Age”
     Throughout this book you will read about the timeline of human evolution and the three prehistoric periods of mankind, how Stone Agers lived, the animals they hunted till becoming extinct. We will also learn more about the food they ate, how they cooked it, about their weird beliefs and gruesome burials, about brainy archaeologists, treasure hunters, accidental discoveries, stone circles legends and mysteries and many other curious facts which won’t let you put the book or reading device down.

”World History – From Its Origins Till 2000”
      This is an encyclopedia that presents historical facts worldwide, offering information on different personalities and events. Children can use this book to enrich their knowledge of Pre-History, Ancient times, Middle Ages and Modern era. There are pictures and short texts which can be used to further search for particular details and extra-information.