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Meeting in Romania
7-11 May 2018

When I found out that children from other countries were coming over to Romania, I was very excited. And I nearly started jumping up and down when I found out that a girl from a foreign country was staying at my house. The day the kids and teachers from Italy came I was at the airport waiting “patiently”. Actually I was pacing back and forth in front of the arrival gate. After 15 long minutes the gates opened and people were coming out, but I couldn’t see the people that came from Italy. They came out last. And I ran over to meet the girl who was staying over at my house. She was really nice and we got along were well. We hoped in the car along with my mom and headed home. When we got home she unpacked her things and then I showed some of the things around our small, but warm and welcoming city.
I showed a lot of the natural life of Piatra-Neamţ as well as the city life. She really liked it. She was mostly impressed about the fact that the city is surrounded by mountains.
The day we went to school to participate in the activities prepared by our teachers I met a whole lot of other people. All the children from Portugal, Italy and Spain had so much energy and were eager to show us some traditional games from their homelands as well as teaching us some words in their mother tongues, but there wasn’t so much time. A week seemed so little time compared to the amount of things of things that we wanted to learn about and the things that we wanted to show them.
They were all more than eager to learn words in Romanian too and games of our homeland. Even the teachers were open to learning basic phrases in Romanian even though the pronunciation was quite hard. I was even more impressed when they played along with us.
We all had so much fun. I can still recall the smiles and laughter that were plastered and coming out of the kids faces. And I’m really glad that I got the chance to learn and discover the cultures of other countries. It was a very pleasant experience and I made lots of memories and friends that I’ll remember for many years from now on. I hope to meet everybody again and create new memories and I really hope that more projects like this happen in the following years so that other kids can experience this.
by Alexandra-Ioana Matei

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